“Randi is a talented story-teller. My business is a geared to helping small businesses and not-for-profit organizations tell their stories and grow to be larger enterprises. The writing that she has done for Telescope Brand Vision was on point and infused with the power to inform and astonish the reader. I look forward to collaborations in the future.”

Phillip Newsome
Principal Adviser, Telescope Brand Vision

“I asked Randi to write the biography page on my law practice web site. With very little direction, she produced clearly written and engaging material. I later asked her to write a brochure to use in my campaign to be a Toronto city councillor. I was pleased with her work on that, too. I'm looking forward to working with Randi again.”

Sam Goldstein
Criminal Lawyer, Trials & Appeals

“Randi was introduced to me by a colleague. We needed her to help write a press release for a new show we are producing, under a very tight deadline, with no direction, and very little information on the project itself. Her communication was efficient and friendly, and she turned around a tight, effective, extremely well-written release in very little time. She was self-sufficient and professional, which was exactly what our busy company needed. You need her!”

Lani Milstein
General Manager, Starvox Entertainment

“I hired Randi to write a sports essay for one of our high school English resources. I had very specific needs. For instance, the essay needed to be organized in a compare and contrast structure and include statistics, researched quotations, etc. Oh, and I wanted the essay to really engage and grab high school students. Randi wrote an exceptional essay that covered everything I had requested. And I’ve already heard from some high school teachers that the essay is a hit with their students.”

Sandra McTavish
Literary Publisher, School Group, McGraw-Hill Education

“Randi has written two cover stories for us, for different advertising sections. Her work has been extremely thorough and very well written. We will definitely be using her for future assignments.”

Andrew Waiser
Sales Promotion Manager, Hockey News

"We met Randi at a hockey trade show and contacted her a few months later, when we were preparing to launch a new product (SK8W8). She wrote an advertorial and a press release for us. Both items were well-written and effective. They were also submitted on time. I would definitely recommend Randi's writing services."

Mike D'Orazio
President, TRION Hockey

"I came across Randi's copywriting services from an e-mail she sent me. Our brand, Ryders Eyewear, was embarking on targeting a new and emerging market segment and had five days to create an ad for a leading publication. After a phone conversation with Randi and a couple of e-mails back and forth, she was able to turn around effective and impactful ad copy that spoke directly to our brand's target market. We would definitely use Randi's services again."

Stella Tinglin
Marketing Manager, Ryders Eyewear